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Starry Night

Full Orchestra
String Orchestra
Wind Ensemble
Solo Instrumental

   Taking its name from Vincent van Gogh's famous painting, this nocturne for string orchestra features sweeping melodies and lush, expansive harmonies. Throughout the piece, an almost incessant pulsation pervades, its louré bowings an analogue to van Gogh's repetitive brush strokes which create his mesmerizing work. Surrounding this pulsation is a yearning, haunting melody that is passed around the orchestra. This work alternates between capturing the still tranquillity of the night and the infinite depth and beauty of the night sky. As the work proceeds, the each iteration of the haunting melody builds upon itself further and further until one final passionate outburst. Spent, it fades back into darkness, resolving pent up harmonic tension only in the final chord.

   Starry Night is currently published by Roger Zare Music. Please contact me for more information.

   Duration: ca. 5'

Listen to a recording by the Evanston Township High School Symphony Orchestra Strings, Charles Abplanalp conducting:

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