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2008 Performances



December 4, 2008:Triptych for solo bassoon, performed by Imani Mosley. 6:00 PM in Cohen-Davidson Theater, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.
October 5, 2008:Scintillation, performed by Colin Sorgi of SONAR. 2:00 PM at the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore (corner of Charles St. and Franklin).
June 19, 2008:Trio for flute and two violins, performed by students at the Sarasota Music Festival: Erica Chung, flute, David Radzynski and Zoe Martin-Doike, violins. 7:30 PM, Holley Hall, Beatrice Freidman Symphony Center, Sarasota, FL.
May 11, 2008:Sonata in One Movement for violin and piano, performed by Paul Wolfe, violin, and Dwight Oarr, piano. 2:30 PM, Selby Public Library Auditorium, Sarasota, FL.
May 6-7, 2008:Green Flash public readings, American Composers Orchestra. 9 AM 5 PM at the Skirball Center, New York City. Green Flash is one of six pieces being read in those two days.
May 3, 2008:Disintegration for flute, clarinet, guitar (acoustic and electric), violin, and cello. 3:30 PM in Cohen-Davidson Hall, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.
April 17, 2008:Wind Trio, performed by Fourth Corner, a student chamber ensemble at the Peabody Conservatory. 7 PM, Griswold Hall, Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD.
February 12, 2008:Mare Tranquillitatis, commissioned by Jeffrey Bishop and the Shawnee Mission Northwest High School Orchestra. Kansas City, KS.

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